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Welcome all to this humble web site. Sit down and stay awhile! ^_^

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it's a bird, it's a plane, it' an old woman in a camel suit.....
"yersterday i had a freudian slip. i was sitting at the table with my my mother-in-law and instead of saying 'please pass the potatos' i said 'bitch you ruined my life'".
--jmer's immortalized words!

super fun

i'm a candy raver  ^_^ ohohohohohoho

take the raver purity test @ Fuali!

who's YOUR rockstar boyfriend?

take the rockstar boyfriend test @ Sweet Cherrie

i'm a robot

take the transformer test @ Android 5

which rock start are you?

take the diva test @ Sweet Cherrie


and if i ever see you around here again, i'll fling peanut butter covered gerbils in your general direction.


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El Nuevo Dia?


10.27.01.... links links and more links!
10.26.01.... organized the links page, added a few more. i'll add more links to it later when i actually feel some pang of motivation. new diary entry too.
10.25.01.... next week is spirit week and i have no tropical clothing. what's a circus midget to do?
10.24.01.... recovering from nervous breakdown, added nuther diary entry & writing page
10.23.01.... added new diary entry... wohoo